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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Baby steps...

Hello! Glad you're still reading, for some reason the stats have been higher than usual... weird - But thanks all the same...

Anyone else slightly perplexed by this...

So... I've basically been spending my time seeing what's out there, meeting some very interesting people. The thing I've noticed most is the diversity of single creatives out there, I'm not just talking about ability, but backgrounds, situations, visions & directions. It's an exciting time, I won't mention names because, well it's just my opinion, but there's a real mixed bag. Some very talented people and some... who are just starting out. Obviously from my perspective I'm looking for someone with a little bit of experience, but there's some really enthusiastic people out there, who are just starting out and have some nice spec stuff in their 'folios. What's more is everyone has been bloody nice, I am yet to come across anyone who has been a complete tw*t - more to my surprise. I've not made any drastic decisions just yet, I'm considering all the options before leaping head first into anything.

I've been in touch with a couple of people who have been/ are followers of this blog (there's one reason to start up a blog if you're starting out - or not), the old fashioned NABS lonely hearts monthly meet-up run by Rory over at The Talent Business, friends, friends of friends and contacts from agencies that I've worked at. I'm trying to use a whole heap of resources to find my best possible match.

When I get a second or two more I'll put up the resources I've been using and try and be a little more specific for any other aspiring and/or single creatives. If it helps then great if not, then what's lost, right?

I've also been collating my work, or rather hoarding it in a new 'folio. I spent quite a bit of time running this blog and our previous website that I never thought to put any time into my own web side of things. Which leaves me currently working on developing something a little better than a temporary website.

Oh, and as for the latest on the blog front I've set up a new blog here: I've imported all of the posts I did from this blog so it's pretty much just the same - but different haha... It just allows me to continue the journey but under a new banner. Get it in your bookmarks!



Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A selection of snaps from my recent trip to Scotland. You can find more at my flickr (which will be updated in the coming weeks also).

Not that you would, but if you should, please credit them (if you borrow them). A little note may be nice too.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Plural Genius...

Whilst I'm in the process or sorting out my work and what not, here's a 'new' initiative from another creative team, Amy Jackson & Hollie Belton. I don't know much about them but this landed in my inbox... I'll leave it to you to decide - Is it a silly attempt at securing some work? Or an enthusiastic act of genius in these difficult times?

Personally, I think if they only get £7k someone has got a bargain and the workers rights may have something to say about it - unfortunately the terms are a little vague, seeing as the starting annual rate for a junior seems to be between the £20k - £25k mark each. Maybe it's only out of hours. Perhaps they should have spoke to Campaign and a few newspapers...

Anyway here's some free minimal publicity girls...

For more see here and here

Sunday, 21 February 2010

For a laugh...

Our Nike film spoofed by one of Britain's top comedians* doesn't seem to have done badly on the PR front. Nice. More here

*subject to personal opinion.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Mike sans Phil.

So... unfortunately, our time at W+K has come to an end.  It's been a hectic 7 months but we've definitely got something to show for our time there. Following a chat with Tony & Kim, in light of changes happening, their focus is on the senior ranks at Wieden + Kennedy

As much as there was no longer a permanent role on offer, they did express that based on our performance in our work and ideas, that if there was work, they would like to keep us around. As a result, we are now on the freelance roster for W+K should any suitable projects come up in the near future.

A big thanks to all the guys who helped us achieve what did whilst we were there. You are some really talented people and I look forward to working with you sometime in the future.

This may come as a surprise to some of you... but the dynamics between Phil and I have shifted, we realised our ambitions are different and have decided to go our separate ways. we've had some fun times, he's a good bloke, but I think he now feels this industry may not be for him.

As for me, I will be continuing on my path and hopefully it will pay off in the end. I am left filled with optimism and unexpected yet exciting possibilities. I don't know where I'll end up, but I know this is what I want to do, so we'll see.

In the meantime, if there are any enthusiastic & passionate single creatives out there who want to get in touch feel free :)

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+44 (0)791 910 4930

For those regular followers, I will in be continuing the blog but under a new title, of course. I will get a redirection set up to the new blog in due course. For the time being however, I may continue to post a few bits up here.

All the best & good luck to Phil for the future.


Observer Relaunch...

On a lighter note, the Observer concept we were part of is airing out as we speak in preparation for this coming Sunday's Observer relaunch. Our print range will be supporting the TV by Ben & Rob. The campaign reflects the informed, considered opinion of the Observer; which takes a moment to think about what we say when compared to the daily, live by the second, media hype.

Examples of the 30 second ad & print can be found below...




As a result of our pitch work in the summer, the second part of  COI campaign has recently arrived in cinemas near you. Paul & Angus have done an amazing job and in my opinion it exceeds the TV ad that came out in early Jan.